VOLT Pulse features in T3's Best Electric Bikes for 2019 Listing

VOLT Pulse features in T3's Best Electric Bikes for 2019 Listing

The VOLT Pulse has just been listed as “Best hybrid electric bike for both rural and urban” in T3 Magazine’s Best Electric Bike 2019 article, where it is praised for its versatility, quality and exceptional value for money. 

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Here's what they said in full...…….



Weight: 22.7kg

Range: 60 or 80 miles depending on model

Charging time: 3-4 hours

Gears: 8-Speed

Power: 250W

Reasons to buy

+Great fun to ride  +Proper gears and suspension  +'Turbo' button

Reasons to avoid

-Quite heavy

Pricier than the Gtech but still offering an awful lot of ebike for your money, the Volt Pulse is a very neatly designed hybrid bike.

Unlike the Gtech it has disk brakes, 8-speed Shimano Alivio gearing and front suspension that can be easily locked off when not required.

The 250W motor is powerful enough to handle hills and to make the bike feel surprisingly nimble for something that weighs 22.7kg.

Possibly my favourite thing about it is the hybrid drive system which combines the same sort of pedal-assistance as the Gtech but also has a very hard-to-resist thumb throttle to push you up to the capped 15.5mph top speed with zero effort. 

You can then either cruise at that speed or employ leg power to go faster. 

Everything about this bike feels well thought through. For commuters in hillier areas and those who just require extra assistance, it's a great choice, and the price is really competitive. 

PRICE  £1579