Martin Gershon

Owner, Jurassic Electric Bikes

The same hills that make West Dorset such an attractive location also make it a difficult place to explore in comfort on a traditional bicycle.

In 2012, Jurassic Electric Bikes was established to help people discover the best routes, the tastiest local food and the hidden gems that this area has to offer. We were one of the first companies in the UK to introduce an electric bikes guided tours programme and many awards later we still love showing people our amazing countryside.

It was a natural transition for us to begin selling electric bikes. However, we are determined not to be your average bike shop. Customer service is our core ethos. We are very choosy about the brands we promote and we take pride in ensuring that every customer is totally satisfied with their new bike.

Electric bikes have transformed our lives and our passion is that we get them to do the same for everyone else too.