Kalkhoff Include Premium i8






The Include Premium i8 handles hills, tracks and trails just as well as cycle paths and busy city roads. Powered by the new Impulse Evo centre motor and a 36 volt 17Ah battery the bike has a range of up to 125 miles on a single charge. It's superbly well-equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear lights, multifunction LCD console, illuminated handlebar-mounted controls, puncture-resistant tyres, integrated mudguards and lockout suspension. The bike is available with either step-thru, trapezoid or traditional crossbar frame.

Providing an enormous 80Nm torque, Kalkhoff have engineered a more powerful, efficient, quieter motor that supplies massive assistance from a standing start and cuts all hills down to size. The 1100 charge cycle of the battery means it has 50% extra capacity and 120% extra lifespan compared the equivalent Bosch.

High-end Nexus 8-speed gears allows the rider to change gear with a simple twist of the gear shifter. You can change one gear at a time or shift from top to bottom (or vice versa) in one twist and unlike a derailleur, you can shift gear when the bike is stationary so no more setting off in too high a gear. Enclosing the gear mechanism inside a rear hub also makes for a more weather-resistant set-up.

Replacing the trusty bicycle chain is a carbon Gates Belt Drive which is stronger, quieter and requires less maintenance. It’s grease-free, oil-free and hassle-free, and will never rust. Unlike chains, there is no need for lubrication and on average they last 3 – 4 times longer than a conventional bike chain.

Key stats:

Range: 125 miles

Weight: 23 kg without battery / 25 kg with battery

Frame Size: 45/50/55 cms

Wheel size: 28 inches