VOLT Pulse X




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The Pulse X is the big brother of the Pulse and the winner of the coveted T3 electric bike of the year award. It offers the same great ride and versatility as the Pulse but with several upgrades throughout. This e-bike still has all the functionality and style that makes the Pulse model so popular such as, full mudguards, lights and heavy duty pannier rack. The front-fork and seat post suspension provide a cushioned ride on all surfaces and mean the Pulse X can explore a wide variety of landscapes. It comes in a 19'' frame and boasts Kevlar lined tyres with extra-thick inner tubes making the 26 inch wheels as tough as possible.

Upgrades on this model over the Pulse include an 80+ mile Panasonic battery as standard and a Bafang super High-Torque motor giving the Pulse X the extra power for quicker acceleration and more torque for hill climbing or difficult terrains. The Pulse X is also fitted with more responsive SR Suntour air-suspension forks as opposed to the spring suspension on the Pulse.

Key Stats:

Range: 80+ Miles

Weight: 19.5kg without battery/24kg with Battery

Frame Size: 19 Inches

Wheel Size: 26 Inches