CycloTricity Stealth 500W






Looking for a road legal e-bike but with the potential for an extra power boost for off-road fun, then the Stealth is the choice to consider. Its unique dual power system allows the user to swap between two modes enabling you to unlock the full power where it is safe and legal to do so. Current UK/EU regulations dictate that an e-bike must not exceed the rated power of 250W to be road-legal and the Stealth comes preset to this power output by default. The dual-mode system embedded in the LCD Dashboard unlocks the full power of the 500W system using a special code.

The rear hub motor can power the bike to the maximum speed of 15.5mph restricted and 20mph unrestricted and the rider can select from 5 pedal assist power modes. The bike features an LCD dashboard showing power output, speed, time and journey distance and ability to control the de-restriction. Equipped with disc brakes, 7 speed Shimano gears, front suspension, LED lights, mudguards and a pannier rack. The bike is available without a thumb throttle but this can be purchased as an optional extra. The bike has a 1 year warranty and an extended warranty is also available.

Key Stats:

Range: Standard battery (30 miles restricted mod / 12 miles de-restricted mode). Large battery (45 miles restricted mode / 25 miles de-restricted mode)

Weight: 23 kg with battery

Wheel Size: 17 or 20 Inches

Wheel Size: 26 Inches